Donal Kearney

Head of Sustainability Growth

Donal, armed with an Honours degree in Business Studies from Dublin City University, embarked on a journey that led him from the bustling hospitality scene of NYC to the environmental initiatives of South Florida. With a foundation in business, he transitioned his expertise to the sunny shores of Florida, channelling his rural roots and passion for the environment into innovative solutions. Collaborating with the City of Ft. Lauderdale, he helped to introduce LED lights with specific wavelengths to safeguard turtle hatching while keeping businesses illuminated, exemplifying his commitment to the balance between commerce and nature.

 Through career and business, Donal’s dedication to sustainability deepened. Teaming up with energy engineers, he championed energy-efficient technologies, aligning environmental responsibility with economic growth. A true advocate for positive change, Donal has recently taken on a pivotal role at Pragmatica, where he empowers clients to achieve their sustainability goals without compromising business objectives. An avid golfer and runner, he’s equally passionate about coaching his two boys in Gaelic football and soccer. Donal narrative is one of bridging diverse interests – from business to conservation, sports, and family – all woven together by an unwavering desire to leave a positive impact on the world.

Fun Facts

Where was the best meal you ever had out – and what was it?

During summer breaks I worked with an agricultural contractor drawing Silage, it was long days with early starts and late finishes with no time to break – I remember not liking cheese until one night when we got into the farmers house after working all day, the only thing on the table was a block of cheese and some bread- I don’t think I enjoyed anything as much, I finally appreciated the old saying the “hunger is the best sauce”.

What was your earliest ambition?

To my mother’s delight I wanted to be the Pope until I was about 11, then I wanted to be a film director until I went on set as a teenager and seen it in action, it looked a lot less exciting than I had imagined.

What's your motto for life?

“Life is good.”

What's your favourite show on television?

Twin Peaks

What's your party piece?

I know all the words to American Pie by Don Mclean.

Which five famous guests would you love to have at your dinner party?

o Evil Kenival
o Arnold Schwarzenegger
o Marlyn Monroe
o Christopher Nolan
o Jerry Seinfield

What's a personality trait that you admire in others?


Your home is burning down –What item would you rescue before fleeing the building?

My phone – all my pictures are in there.

What has been your favourite achievement to date?

Apart from my family, I wanted to own my own bar by the age of 30 – I partnered in a bar in Ft. Lauderdale Beach called McSorley’s at age 29 and 8 months.

What's a good piece of advice?

Do good, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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