Gillian Peters

Chief Executive Officer

Gillian’s professional journey spans a diverse range of roles, predominantly focused on marketing and business development within the financial services sector. It was during her time as Business Development Director at CPA Ireland, where she also pursued and successfully attained her MBS in Business Practice that Gillian became both intrigued and passionate about sustainability in business.

Transitioning to the position of CEO in Pragmatica in February 2023, Gillian embarked on a mission to craft an unparalleled value proposition for enterprises. Her strategic vision encompasses the development of customised roadmaps and innovative solutions, thereby facilitating companies in their transformative sustainability journeys.

Fun Facts

Where was the best meal you ever had out – and what was it?
A few years ago, I went to Luca in Italy for a friend‘s 40th. I cannot remember the name of the restaurant, but I still think of the bolognese and pasta, it was truly amazing!
What was your earliest ambition?
My dad was a mechanic and not being a girly girl, I spent most of my time with him in the garage. I was obsessed with lorries and from as early as I can remember until about 10, I had dreams of driving articulated lorries across the continent.
What's your motto for life?
‘It will be grand’, annoys my family and friends!
What's your favourite show on television?
Anything crime related.
What's your party piece?
I can tile a bathroom and love a good upcycle project.
Which five famous guests would you love to have at your dinner party?
o Bruce Springsteen because he is the boss.
o David Attenborough to remind us of what’s important in life…
o Joan Collins (80’s, the drama, the clothes, love it all!)
o Morgan Freeman as I could listen to his voice for hours.
o Any famous chef to cook the meal!
What's a personality trait that you admire in others?
Empathy, it’s nice to be nice.
Your home is burning down –What item would you rescue before fleeing the building?
The leash and hope that the monster, I mean my beautiful (but bold!) dog Ted is attached.
What has been your favourite achievement to date?
A few years ago, I started to do the Camino, 3 days a year and that’s the plan for the foreseeable until I complete the full thing!
What's a good piece of advice?
Be honest with yourself and others.

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