Pat Kane

Chief Sustainability Officer

Pat Kane is a passionate sustainability advocate and a seasoned strategist, revered as a dynamic speaker, accomplished writer, and the founder behind sustainable living brand reuzi.

Before starting her entrepreneurial journey Pat held various executive positions, working for large multinationals across a few different countries.She was a senior executive at Digicel in the Caribbean and Central America as well as Director of Customer Experience at Flutter Entertainment.

At the core of her purpose lies the mission to ignite inspiration and catalyse empowerment among individuals and businesses.

Pat’s resonant voice reverberates across various platforms, and she regularly contributes to publications such as Irish Tatler and Mums & Tots magazine. Pat’s insights are frequently sought after by avid consumers of Irish media, establishing herself as a beacon of wisdom and inspiration within the sustainability arena.

Fun Facts

Where was the best meal you ever had out – and what was it?
A super thin-crust Margherita pizza at a random spot in Rome. So simple yet so perfect!
What was your earliest ambition?
I have always wanted to run my own business. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do but I wanted to create something myself. My first entrepreneurial attempt happened in school where I sold homemade chocolate bonbons to my pals – they were a hit, if I do say so myself!
What's your motto for life?
Always do the right thing. Nothing beats knowing that you are doing the right thing. Even if it costs you money, even if it means that you will need to take the longer road…
What's your favourite show on television?
I love nature documentaries and TV series. On the latter, you will find me enjoying light-hearted, feelgood comedies such as Schitt’s Creek or else, thrillers like From.
What's your party piece?
Not sure if this counts, but I can raise one eyebrow at a time…
Which five famous guests would you love to have at your dinner party?
o Adam and Eve… to get the real story!
o Anne Frank as I’ve read her diary more times that I can count, and I’d love to give her one big hug.
o Maya Angelou for life advice that truly matters.
o Bob Marley because we’d want a bit of great music for dessert!
What's a personality trait that you admire in others?
Resilience is always at the top of the list.
Your home is burning down –What item would you rescue before fleeing the building?
Assuming the children would be safe, I would take my phone, my wedding dress and a pendant I got from my grandmother on my wedding day.
What has been your favourite achievement to date?
Giving birth to my boys. Nothing will ever beat that.
What's a good piece of advice?
Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Authenticity is the word!

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